What We Provide

We provide - extensive local market experience to ensure your property is positioned competitively and you achieve the best possible price.

• We know what's selling in your area and what has sold- realistic and competitive pricing strategies.
• We have well developed networks- we know what is likely to come to market- the competition- how to differentiate your offering.
• We have extensive buyer networks via open inspections, buyer databases and 'investor contacts' via the rent roll.

We provide- strategic and cost effective marketing platforms to suit your home and your budget.

• Your home isn't 'off the shelf' so our marketing advice won't be either.
• We understand that you simply want to market in the most cost efficient way in order to sell your home for the best possible price. Our tailored packages allow you to do just that, without the confusion of complicated packages that suit other people's homes and other peoples
• Our platforms have been developed tracking the latest property trends, by property marketing specialists with years of combined experience specialising in the field . We will only invest your money where our buyers are searching for a new home based on up to date
market research.

We provide - a service you would recommend to friends and family
• We pride ourselves on providing a service that you will want to recommend to friends and family.
• Only by providing a service that exceeds your expectations, will we be satisfied with our result.
• Your feedback throughout the sales process will always be welcomed and encouraged.
• McCammon Real Estate views all client relationships as a partnership, commencing a client
for life relationship.

We provide- a passion for the area that can only be achieved through living, working and playing locally!

• Husband and wife with over 45 Years of living and working locally.
• Brought up 2 daughters in our coastal family home of 20 years.
• Proud to provide a boutique Agency.
• Dedicated, professional and enthusiastic team of local sales people
• Providing a wealth of knowledge of the local area
• Passionate about where we live and promoting a coastal life style
• Truly understanding each property and its location and all that makes it valuable

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